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IconTechnical Notes

Notes on the Official Poverty Statistics in the Philippines
Series 2003-1
July 2003

NSCB Poverty Team

To serve as the focal point on improvement efforts being exerted by the NSCB Technical Staff on the official methodology for poverty assessment, the NSCB has created a Poverty Team composed of the following:

Team Leader Jessamyn O. Encarnacion
Members Glenita V. Amoranto
Joseph M. Addawe
Bernadette B. Balamban (on study leave)
Mildred B. Addawe
Pamela T. Lapitan (RD IV)
Herlita G. Caraan (RD XII)
Arturo M. Martinez Jr.
Ma. Concordia S. Alfonso
Ma. Kristine V. Manalo
Marymell A. Martillan
Florande S. Polistico
Ma. Ivy T. Querubin
Noel S. Nepomuceno
Armyl G. Zaguirre

Redencion M. Ignacio
Candido J. Astrologo Jr.
Raymundo J. Talento
Lina V. Castro
Estrella V. Domingo
Romulo A. Virola

For these Notes, inquiries may be made with Jessamyn O. Encarnacion at telefax number (632) 896-5390 or at their email address



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Series 2003-1

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NSCB Poverty Team


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