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Statistical Indicators on Philippine Development 2006 

Chapter on Peace and Order

Goal: To boost investemnt through enhanced peace and order

An ideal situation in terms of peace and order is expected to boost investment. It is unlikely that investors would venture in the country with an unstable peace and order situation. Therefore, it is inevitable to monitor the current status of our country in this context.

For the period 2004 to 2006, the following targets are not likely to be achieved : fill-up current shortage of PNP personnel, attain police-population ratio of 1:525 by 2010, and 1:500 by 2012, and solve 5% of unsolved cases. On the other hand, targets are likely to be achieved in terms of decreasing the incidence of common crimes against property and number of warrant of arrests unserved.

Strategy/Target Indicator Accomplishments versus Targets Performance
Fill-up current shortage of PNP personnel by 2006 - 2010

Proportion of PNP positions filled up

Source: PNP


A number of policemen still needed to fill up around 5% of the authorized PNP positions


Attain Police-population ratio of 1:525 2010, and 1:500 by 2012

Policeman - to - population ratio

Source: PNP

Targets for 2010 and 2012 are least likely to be achieved given the current trend of the population to policeman ratio

Solve 5% of unsolved cases

Crime Efficiency Solution Rate

Source: PNP

Crime efficiency solution rate down from 2004 to 2006



Number of Reported Crimes Solved

Source: PNP

Total number of reported crimes solved on downward trend from 2004 to 2006

Service of warrants by 20% of the number of warrants of arrest received starting 2005

Number of warrant of arrests served

Source: PNP

Number of warrant of arrests served steadily decreased from 2004 - 2006


Number of Warrant of Arrests Unserved

Source: PNP

Number of warrant of arrests unserved increased in 2005 but down in 2006



Efficiency of Service of Warrant of Arrests

Source: PNP

Efficiency of service of warrant of arrests steadily down from 2004 to 2006.

'5% decrease per year in incidence of common crimes against property starting 2005 - 2010 number of reported crimes against property

Source: PNP


Number of reported crimes against property increased from 2004 to 2005 but went down in 2006.


Posted: July 2007

2006 Statistical Indicators on Philippine Development
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