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Date Received 5/20/1998
Legal Basis NEDA SAB Resolution #19 series of 1979
Proponent Agency Food and Nutrition Research Institute
Conducting Agency FNRI-DOST
Funding Source/s


Consultant Dr. Rodolfo F. Florentino-Technical (Survey objectives, questionnaire),Dr. Arturo Y. Pacificador-Technical ( Sampling and Estimation Procedure)
Objectives The survey aims to re-assess the nutritional status of the population for
appropriate formulation and modification of nutrition policies and
interventions and related development programs. Each of the
components of the NNS has its specific objectives as follows:
Anthropometry Survey
1. to obtain data on the anthropometric measurements of a
representative sample of the population by age and sex utilizing
standard techniques; and
2. to determine current prevalence of malnutrition using anthropometric
measurements of population by age and sex.
Clinical Nutrition Survey
1. to determine the prevalence of hypertension;
2. to assess the lipid profile and fasting blood sugar on a sub-sample of
the study population; 3. to classify obesity using waist-hip ratio;
4. to determine the prevalence of coronary artery disease (CAD) and
stroke using structured questionnaire;
5. to correlate the prevalence of obesity using body mass index (BMI)
and waist-hip ratio and hypertension with blood lipids, fasting blood
sugar level, physical activity, smoking habits, and alcohol drinking
habits; and
6. to examine the association of dietary habits with disease prevalence.
Biochemical Nutrition Survey
1. to determine the prevalence of anemia among specific population
2. to assess the prevalence of Vitamin A deficiency of children 6 months
to 5 years and pregnant and lactating women using blood samples;
3. to assess the prevalence of iodine deficiency disorder among school
children using urine samples.
Food Consumption Survey
1. to provide comprehensive data on per capita food consumption and
nutrient intake and adequacies at the national and subnational levels;
2. to provide updated information on prevailing dietaries of vulnerable
population groups such as pregnant and lactating women, infants and
3. to determine current prevalence of malnutrition using weight and
height measurements of the population by age and sex;
4. to provide national data on current milk feeding patterns, particularly
the trend in breastfeeding among children aged less than two years;
5. to analyze trends in food consumption and other key nutrition
variables over the years considering existing socio-economic
situation; and
6. to undertake correlation studies of the various nutrition parameters
based on the survey results.
In the 5 th NNS, osteoporosis and awareness and usage of fortified foods
were also covered. The objectives of the inquiries were as follows: Assessment of Risk to Osteoporosis Among Filipino Adults
The general objective of the survey was to determine the prevalence of
risk factors to osteoporosis. Specifically, it aimed at:
1. determining age- and gender-specific prevalence rates of wrist, hip
and leg fracture; and
2. to determine the prevalence of non-modifiable and modifiable risk
factors to osteoporosis among Filipino adults.
Awareness and Usage of Fortified Foods in the Philippines
This component of the 1998 NNS was implemented primarily to
determine awareness, usage and frequency of use of foods with Sangkap
Pinoy Seal and other fortified foods including iodized salt. It further aimed
to identify the market sources of Sangkap Pinoy Seal foods, other fortified
foods and iodized salt in the household.
Status of Survey Existing
Status of Survey Form
Reported to NSCB FALSE 
Renewal w/ Revision True 
Renewal w/o Revision/
Clearance No.
False / FNRI-9608-01
Survey is rider to another survey No :
Survey is a component of nat'l/ internat'l program No








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