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Aklan: Lasting Paradise


Boracay: The Beach Capital of the Philippines

Boracay Island is situated at the northwestern tip of Panay, a large Island in Western Visayas. It is part of the town of Malay in Aklan

 Province. It is only compose of three barangays namely: the "Yapak" in the north portion; "Balabag" in the Center and "Manoc-Manoc" in the south. The tropical climate makes it ideal to visit Boracay all year round.

The mystic of Boracay is that it was gifted with sugary-white and powder fine sand, considered one of the nature's wonders that makes Boracay's white beach famous to the world. Walking barefoot in an almost magical white sand is a fad, for the sand seems to have a therapeutic effects on the senses. What's amazing is that the sand never burns your feet, no matter how hot the day gets. With the white sand, comes the crystalline, azure water where the ocean floors can be seen sloping steeply.

During the day, the color of the sky blends with that of the sea while at night, the sands glow to give its magical splendor. The shoreline is lined with coconut palms and in the inner, higher places, the tropical forest remains. There are bat caves with bats hanging on the ceilings during the day.


 Land area : 9.67 sq. km
 No. of Barangays: 3
 Total Population: 18,229
 Population density: 1,241 per sq. km
 No. of Households: 2,303
 No. of schools: 1 National High     School;
1 Elementary School; 1 Primary  School
 No. of Resorts: 331 
 No. of Tourist Arrivals:
     Domestic: 474,097
     Foreign: 278,531
 Tourist     Receipts: 
Source: DOT 2010                                      



Ati-Atihan Festival

Celebrated all over the towns of Aklan, this is a week long celebration in honor of the Patron Saint Sto. Nino, which culminates on the 3rd Sunday of January. It is the ultimate jubilating, titillating, stimulating, riotous, and frenetic aboriginal street dancing to the early primitive tempo and pulse of drums, participated in by different tribes in their full battle regalia as they crowd the principal streets of Kalibo rejoicing breathlessly to their religious vows.


Bakhawan Eco-Park

A multi-awarded and recipient of the Golden Eagle Award mangrove reforestation project boasts of an exceptional nature thrill for eco tourists and visitors. The 80+ hectare eco=park features a small park and recreational area and a 15-mintue eco-walk built from bamboos stretching through the mangrov3es and out to a beach where one can enjoy a picnic with nature.


Sampaguita Gardens Resort and Spa

               Found at New Washington, Aklan, this man-made tourist spot is a a resort hotel with restaurants, convention center, butterfly farm, and swimming pools managed by Sam Butcher, artist-owner of the globally well-known Precious Moments dolls and decors.
Aklan Antique Capiz Guimaras Iloilo Negros Occidental

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Updated 13 April 2011
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