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"Gemstone Country"



Land Area : 2,522 sq. km (2004)
No. of Barangays: 881 (December  2006)
No. of Municipalities: 18 (December 2006)
Total Population: 471,088 (As of May 1, 2000 census)
Population Growth Rate: 1.89% (1995-2000)
Income Class: Second (Effective January 28, 2002)
Consumer Price Index (2000=100): 143.6 (2006)
Inflation Rate: 4.0 (2006)
Average Family Income: 94,917 (2000)
Average Family Expenditure: 83,246 (2000)
No. of Elementary Schools:
     Public:   474 (SY 2004-2005)
     Private:  7 (SY 2004-2005)
No. of Secondary Schools:
     Public :  49 (SY 2004-2005)
     Private:  12 (SY 2004-2005)
No. of Higher Education Institutions: 7 (SY 2004-2005)
No. of Licensed Hospitals: 11 (2004)
Telephone Loads: 3,716 (2005)
Telephone Density: 0.7 per 100 population  (2005)
No. of AM Broadcast Stations: 1 (2003)
No. of FM Broadcast Stations: 4 (2003)
No. of Motor Vehicles Registered: 13,621 (2005)
No. of Establishments (2005)
     Number of Firms Registered: 672
    Investments: PhP171.7 million  

Antique is one of the six provinces comprising the island of Panay in Western Visayas. It can be reached by land from Aklan, Iloilo or Capiz. From Iloilo, one could take a Seventy-Six Express, Ceres Liner or any of the smaller buses that ply the San Jose Antique route. Both bus companies have direct trips to Libertad and Kalibo. From Iloilo City, San Jose de Buenavista, the capital center of Antique, is almost two and a half hours ride via passenger bus.  From Kalibo, Antique could be reached through its northern backdoor in Pandan.

Antique has rich mineral deposits. Its mountains yield coal, silica, copper, marble, and clay. Semi-precious stones such as turquoise, amethyst, opal, jade, agate and jasper are scattered along the Sibalom and Tipuloan Rivers. The municipalities of Libertad and Pandan have reserves of 4.131 billion metric tons of good quality marble. Coal is mined in the island-barangay of Semirara operated and managed by the Semirara Coal Corporation.


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