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 learning the aklanon

Learning the AKLANON    

Aklanon is the local dialect of Aklan. It has a unique semi-vowel in their tongue the "ea " which has a distinct pronunciation but pronounced as "la" in other Filipino dialects.
Hello, how are you? Hay, kamusta ka eon ?
Fine Mayad man
Good morning Mayad-ayad nga agahon
Good afternoon Mayad-ayad nga hapon
Good evening Mayad-ayad nga gabi-i
Good day Mayad-ayad nga adlaw
What's your name? Ano panga-ean mo?
You're very beautiful Ka-guapa git-ing
You're very handsome Ka-guapo git-ing
You're very kind Kabu-ot ka git-ing
Yes! Hu-o!
No! Indi!
How much is this? Tig-pila ra?
How? Paalin?
When? Hin-uno?
What? Ano?
What time is it? Anong oras eon?
Where are we going? Si-in kita ga-adto?
Where are you going? Si-in ikaw ga-adto?
Please/favor Pangabay
Let's go Musyon eon
Let's go back Balik eon kita
Thank you Saeamat
You're welcome Mayad man
One, two, three Isea, Daiwa, Tatlo
Four, Five, Six Ap-at, Li-ma, An-om
Seven, Eight, Nine Pito, Wa-eo, Siyam
Ten Pu-eo

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