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Municipal Profile - Daet, Camarines Norte
Tourist Attractions

BAGASBAS BEACH     It is the most popular beach in the province of Camarines Norte and has the reputation of being one of the most beautifulBagasbas Beach beaches in the country. A haven for swimmers and beach party enthusiasts for its fine gray sand and cool waters. Its September to January waves are big and wild that make it ideal for surfing. By its shores stand the Provincial Resthouse and the Open Pavillion where one can enjoy the panoramic view of the blue Pacific and off shore islands. Bagasbas could be reached by a 10 minute ride on any type of motor vehicle from the poblacion of Daet.

The First Jose P. Rizal Monument

THE FIRST JOSE P. RIZAL MONUMENT     Daet holds the distinction of being the first town in the country to erect a monument in honor of the National Hero Jose P. Rizal. This historical landmark was initiated by Lt. Col. Antonio Sanz and Lt. Col. Idelfonso Alegre of the Philippine Revolutionary Army. Unveiled on December 30, 1898, this landmark stands at the corner of Magallanes Iraya and Justo Lukban Streets.Monument of Martyrs

MONUMENT OF MARTYRS OF CAMARINES NORTE     This monument was built through the efforts of loving relatives and friends of the martyrs. It was unveiled on 1996 in honor of the “katipuneros” and great sons of Daet and neighboring towns who offered their lives to the country during the 1898 Daet Revolt.

Kalayaan ParkKALAYAAN PARK     Located at the Provincial Capitol grounds, Kalayaan Park is a good stop to relax. One can enjoy the cool shades of trees and the sights of the fountain, lagoon, open theater and the landscape. One can also have a glimpse of Camarines Norte through the murals at the façade of the park and admire the bronze, 9-foot  tall statue of the national hero Jose Rizal with the local hero Wenceslao Q. Vinzons,  tallest  outside Metro Manila.

Elevated Town PlazaELEVATED TOWN PLAZA     Situated at the heart of Daet where one can take a rest after a tiring walk at the downtown or simply enjoy the sight of busy people around. It has a fountain, benches and playground facilities. It is also provided with a wide screen television where one can enjoy watching the favorite tele-novela during cool afternoons and moonlit evenings.

Located at Barangay Bagasbas, the park contains concrete look-alikes of various animal species.

RIZAL PARK     This is the place where the historical monuments of Daet are found. One can experience the cool breeze from the gently flowing Daet River while enjoying a stroll with friends.



Pineapple Festival
The Pineapple Festival (or "Pinyasan" as it is called by the locals) is considered to be the most colorful festival in Camarines Norte. The festival started in 1992, and is about the province's prime agricultural product, the "Queen of Formosa" pineapple. Noted for its sweetness and flavor, this kind of pineapple is produced only in Camarines Norte, thereby making it a specialty in the province. The festival goes on for about 10 days, featuring unique arts and culture through agro-industrial fair, beauty tilt, historical/cultural presentations and different sports events. The celebration is highlighted by a parade of lavishly decorated floats and be-costumed street dancers executing unique and well-choreographed dances in a grand street-theatrical presentation. The festival aims to promote the culture of Daet and its citizens. The Pineapple Festival is held every 15-24 June annually.

The Bantayog Festival celebrates the founding of Camarines Norte. As of 2009, it has been 89 years since the province has become independent, since March 3, 1919, when Ambos Camarines (at that time Camarines Norte and Camarines Sur were one province) was split into two. This festival promotes the province as one which has unnoticed potential in the fields of tourism and commerce, and also the rich culture and hospitality of the people of Camarines Norte. The Bantayog Festival is held every March or April annually.



Where to stay is never a problem. Budget conscious travelers can easily get bookings in Daet that offers a choice for standard hotels, lodgings and inns to stay for an overnight or for a week. Friendly service and smiles are guaranteed to make anyone feel at home.

Pineapple Island Resort
For those who opt for an exciting and enjoyable swimming, Pineapple Island Resort found in Calasgasan offers the water slide that is the first and only in Daet and in the Bicol Region. Accommodation facilities are also available at affordable costs.

Villa Mila Hotel and Resort

Villa Mila Hotel & Resort located in Barangay Gahonon is one of the largest hotels offering accommodation facilities. It has function rooms for different occasions. A garden surrounding a pool for children and adults is a good venue for garden weddings, birthday and swimming parties.

Wiltan Hotel


Wiltan Hotel is located in Barangay V along Vinzons Avenue. It offers a variety of function rooms that can accommodate small or large number of people. It has also a swimming pool for the enjoyment of  guests and visitors.

Dolor Hotel

Right in the heart of the business district is the Dolor Hotel. The strategic location of the hotel makes it accessible to shopping and dining areas in the municipality.


Sources: Local Government Unit of Daet, Camarines Norte


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