Financing, Insurance, Real Estate and Business Services

This group includes:

  1. Banking Institutions - includes corporations, companies or associations which are engaged in the lending of funds obtained from the public through the receipt of deposits; the sale of bonds, securities or obligations of any kinds;
  2. Financial Intermediaries (Non-Banks) - includes persons or entities whose principal functions include the lending, investing or placement of funds or evidence of equity deposited with them, acquired by them, or otherwise coursed through them, either for their own account or for the account of others;
  3. Insurance - includes insurance carriers of all kinds such as life, fire, marine, accident, health, title, financial obligations, casualty, fidelity and surety; insurance agents and brokers' organizations servicing insurance carriers; consultants for policy holders; adjusting agencies; independently organized pension (superannuation) funds;
  4. Real Estate - includes letting and operating real estate such as non-residential buildings, apartment building and dwellings; developing and subdividing real estate into lots, including the development and sale of cemetery lots and residential development on own account; lessors of real property; real estate agents, brokers and managers engaged in renting, buying, selling, managing and appraising real estate on a contract or fee basis; and
  5. Business Services not elsewhere classified - includes legal services; accounting, auditing and bookkeeping services; engineering, architectural and technical services; advertising services; machinery and equipment renting and leasing; business services not elsewhere classified such as data processing and tabulating services, adjustment and collection agencies, duplicating, addressing, blueprinting and photo services, employment agencies, business management and consulting services, detective and protective services and other business services not elsewhere classified.