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Kabasan Festival

In 2005, Babak residents thought of reviving the founding anniversary of the then Municipality of Babak. The week-long celebration (May 22-28) was dubbed “The Revival”.

It was in the same year that Caracoles Samal was staged in Babak. The grandiose festivity and the impact it has left Babak residents kept them excited for the next year’s celebration.

However, because of lack of budget, and with the blessings of the Department of Tourism Region XI, Davao City’s Waterfront Insular Hotel became the venue for Caracoles Samal 2006. Babak folks’ spirits were dampened because this was contrary to their expectations.

To satisfy the Babak residents’ craving for Caracoles, the Executive Committee of the commemoration of Araw ng Babak adapted and innovated some of the events of Caracoles Samal and monikered the celebration Kabasan Festival.

If Caracoles is the Spanish word for “seashells”, Kabasan is its lumad (native) counterpart. No wonder both festivals have some similarities.

Today, Kabasan Festival has evolved into one of Samal Island’s biggest festivals celebrating the spectacles and splendors of the Island City. Kabasan Festival usually a six-day celebration starting on May 23 and culminating on May 28, with the so much activities that made the celebration really festive and colorful.

Bat Festival

Instead of fearing the sight of bats, environmental advocates like the Monfort Bat Conservation Foundation set the last week of January as the  Bat Festival held in Babak District, Island Garden City of Samal.

This is to promote bats as friendly creatures and appreciate the Monfort Conservation Park as the home of the largest population of Rousette fruit bat which now houses about 2 million in number.

This recognition was made by scientist Dr. Merlin Tittle and Dr. David Waldien of the Bat Conservation International who personally visited and assessed the said park.

It was found out that the intense hunting pressure in other caves in the Samal are could have caused the increase in the number of bats inside the Monfort Conservation Park especially when it has already been protected.

The first bat festival ever held in the country aims to further educate the public about the importance of bats and to dispel myths about these creatures.

Among the activities lined up in this week-long festival are sports activities, cultural night, cave management workshop, and a bat research design workshop. Students were invited to participate in the said activities.

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