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Women and Men in the Philippines:
A Statistical Handbook on
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Book Cover

Frequency of Publication and Date: 

Every three years

The Publication Contents and Uses

Presents relevant sex-disaggregated information, which can serve as a guide in advocacy work geared towards women’s welfare and advancement in the various sectors of society

Provides information on women related to such areas as violence, migration, and peace and human rights, which have not been given focus in traditional statistical publications, but critical to improving the status of women

Contains statistical facts on the situation of Filipino women relative to that of their male counterparts in the areas of population and families, work, economic participation, agriculture, education, health and nutrition, social welfare, public life, migration, peace and human rights, violence against women and children, and environment

Time Span of Data Contents: 

1946-2005 (depending on the available data for each sector)

Geographic Area Covered:   National and regional

Data Contents

Estimated No. of Pages:

169 pp.

Other Dissemination Format: 



Agency: National Statistical Coordination Board
Address: 2nd Floor, Midland Buendia Bldg.
  #403 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City, Philippines
Telephone Nos: 895-27-67; 890-9405
FAX Nos.: 890-8456
Unit: Social Sectors B Division
Telephone Nos: 896-5390
FAX Nos.: 896-5390


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