Designated Statistics 

Source Agencies

Bureau of Agricultural Statistics (BAS)

Postal Address

2nd Floor, BEN-LOR Bldg., Quezon Avenue, Quezon City 1100

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Designated Statistics * Survey of Retail Prices of Commodities for the Consumer Price  Index (Agriculture)
* Survey of Wholesale Prices of Commodities (Agriculture)
* Rice and Corn Production Survey
* Backyard Livestock and Poultry Survey
* Commercial Livestock and Poultry Survey
* Palay and Corn Stocks Survey (Household stocks)
* Commercial Fish Catch Survey
* Municipal Fish Catch Survey
* Farm Prices Survey

Other Statistics Being Compiled/Generated

* Agricultural frameworks
* Performance of Agriculture
* Data series on farm, retail, wholesale, livestock oksyon market prices, agricultural foreign trade statistics and other  marketing-related information

Publication Titles * Agribusiness Directory
* Market Bulletin Series
* Monograph Series on Agriculture
* Rice and Corn Situation and Outlook
* Rice and Corn Stocks Inventory of Households
* Total Rice and Corn Monthly Stock Inventory by Province
* Monthly Percentage Distribution of Palay and Corn   Production and Hectarage
* Fertilizer Usage for Palay and corn
* Crop Damage Estimates on Palay and Corn
* Weather Situation and Outlook
* Performance of Agriculture
* Supply and Utilization Accounts of Selected Agricultural
* Development Indicators for the Philippine Agriculture
* Agricultural Development Trends: International Comparisons
* Producer Price Index
* Commodity Factsheets
* Weekly Market Price Reports
* Weekly Cereals and Fertilizer Price Bulletin
* Monthly Agricultural Foreign Trade Development Bulletin
* Monthly World price Monitoring of Selected Agricultural Commodities
* BAS Media Service Weekly Situationer
* Price Bulletins
* Cost of Returns of Cashew, Peanut, Pili, Garlic, Sweet Potato, Mongo, Onion, Durian, Cassava, Calamansi, Mango and Cutflower Production
* Production Costs and Returns for Palay & Corn and  Other Selected Commodities
* Carabao, Cattle, Chicken, and Goat Industry Performance Report
* Annual Bulletin for Goat, Swine, Dairy, Chicken, Duck, Carabao and Cattle
* AGRIDEV Bulletin
* Seasonally Adjusted Rice Production and Prices
* Selected Statistics on Agriculture
* Selected Indicators of Food Situation in the Philippines
* Agricultural Foreign Trade Development
* Trends in Agricultural Wages
* Commodity Focus
* Fisheries Statistics of the Philippines

Agency Head


Focal Point

Data Processing & Agricultural Information Division

Contact Person/s

Roberto M. Dalag
OIC, Information and Communications Technology Division (ICTD)

Ms. Aurora Abaya
Chief, Information Services Section (ISS)

E-mail or

Tel. No.

372-38-01 loc. 262

Fax No.



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