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Series of 2003

1. Name of agency 2. Name of Head of Agency 3. Address of agency
1. Name of agency 2. Name of Head of Agency 3. Address of agency
Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) Dr. Alcestis M. Guiang TESDA Complex East Service Rd. South Superhighway, Bicutan, Taguig, Metro Manila -
  Director General  
Title of Data Production/ Improvement Activity (Pls. Refer to Col. 4, Form 1) Frequency of Conduct Data Generated/
To be generated
Reference Period Level of Disaggre-gation Expected Date of Release Mode of Data Dissemination (web, publication, cd-rom, etc.) Remarks
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8)
I. Current/Regular Activities              
A. Data production/ improvement              
1. Surveys              
1.1 Expanded Graduate Tracer Study (EGTS) Once every 2 years 1. Profile of TVET graduates School-based: (SY 2000-2001) By major delivery venue (school or training center); By Region; By TVET provider; By sex; By highest grade completed; School-based (formal) and/or non-school-based (non-formal); Dec. 2003 Publication  
    2. Employment, absorption & skills utilization rates          
      Non-School: (CY 2000)        
1.2 Impact Evaluation of TESDA-Central Luzon State University (CLSU) Once only (Special run) 1. Number of Training/ ICPs (Institutional Capability Programs) conducted TCASP from 1998-2001 By school, by type of assistance, by beneficiary, by component of the project Dec. 2003 Publication 5 components of TCASP: 1. Capability building 2. Institutional visits & monitoring 3. Agri-fisheries & business development 4. Linkages development (Lakbay aral) 5. Community ecological development
    2. Per capita cost of training or assistance provided          
    3. Type/Level of assistance provided          
    4. Number of Income Generating Projects (IGPs) established          
    5. Income derived from IGPs          
2. Administrative- based statistics Monthly 1. TVET enrolment/ graduates Continuous By mode of delivery; by priority sector; by sex; by region every 2nd week of the month Printed material  
2.1 TVET Program Monitoring   2. Data on assessment & certification          
2.2 Monitoring of Private Education Student Financial Assistance (PESFA) Semestral 1. Number & distribution of beneficiaries Continuous By Congressional District N/A N/A For internal use only
2.3 Current TVET Statistics Quarterly 1. TVET Providers (Schools and training centers) Continuous By Region One month after the reference Quarter Publication Compilation of secondary data on TVET and other factors affecting TVET
    2. Number of TVET enrolees          
    3. Number of TVET graduates          
    4. Number of persons assessed and certified          
2.4 Study on the Cost of TVET in the Philippines Once only (Special run) Data on TVET Cost March to Dec. 2003 By public/ private; Per Capita; By Cost per program (IIEP will release the results) International Publication Initiated by the International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP-UNESCO) in partnership with NEDA & TESDA
            NEDA & TESDA shall gather data/ conduct survey
9. Focal Person for Data Dissemination 10. Prepared by: 11. Approved by:
Name: Manuel Louis T. Pili Signature: Signature:
Position/Unit: TESD Specialist, MISD Name: Betty G. Castronuevo Name: Maria Susan P. Dela Rama
Tel. No.: 817-2675 Position/Unit: Sr. TESD Specialist, Manpower Info. Systems Div. Position: Executive Director
E-mail: Tel. & Fax No.: 817-4441 E-mail: Tel. & Fax No.: 817-8282

For further inquiries, please contact
Ms. Leticia D. De Leon and/or Ms. Millicent Gay B. Tejada
of the NSCB at tel. no. (632) 890-9404 and telefax no. 895-2436 or
at e-mail addresses: or


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