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Series of 2003

1. Name of agency 2. Name of Head of Agency 3. Address of agency
1. Name of agency 2. Name of Head of Agency 3. Address of agency
Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD) Gemillano D. Aligui, MD, MPH, PhD 3/F DOST Main Bldg., Bicutan, Taguig Metro Manila
  Executive Director
Title of Data Production/ Improvement Activity (Pls. Refer to Col. 4, Form 1) Frequency of Conduct Data Generated/
To be generated
Reference Period Level of Disaggre-gation Expected Date of Release Mode of Data Dissemination (web, publication, cd-rom, etc.) Remarks
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8)
I. Current/Regular Activities              
A. Data production/improvement              
1. Surveys              
1.1 Survey on the Human Resources engaged in Health R & D Every 3 years 1. Information on Health Researchers 1996-2002 By Region, By Age, By Sex, By Degree CY 2004 Web, publication  
    2. Number Health Research Insitutions          
1. Administrative-based statistics              
1.1 HERDIN Database Monthly 1. Number of clients served 2. Number of search requests 2003 By Region, By web access, by institution, by on-line query (E-mail), by phone query Quarterly Release: 1st week of the succeeding month after every quarter Reports  
9. Focal Person for Data Dissemination 10. Prepared by: 11. Approved by:
Name: Ms. Nona Avelina Signature: (Signed) Signature: (Signed)
Position/Unit: SRS II, RICUD Name: Anya Alexandra Name: Ms. Merlita Opeņa
Tel. No. 837-7534; Fax No. 837-2924 Position/Unit: SRS I, RICUD Position/Unit: Chief SRS, RICUD
  Tel. No. 837-7534; Fax No. 837-2924 Tel. No. 837-7534; Fax No. 837-2924

For further inquiries, please contact
Ms. Leticia D. De Leon and/or Ms. Millicent Gay B. Tejada
of the NSCB at tel. no. (632) 890-9404 and telefax no. 895-2436 or
at e-mail addresses: or


Agency Statistical Calendar

*statistical calendar not available
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