SC-PSCP Form 2                                                                              [View Form 1]

Series of 2003


1. Name of agency
2. Name of Head of Agency
3. Address of agency
National Wages and Productivity Commission
Rebecca J. Calzado
8/F G.E. Antonino Bldg., cor. T.M. Kalaw and J. Bacobo Sts., Ermita Mla.
Title of Data Production/ Improvement Activity (Pls. Refer to Col. 4, Form 1)
Frequency of Conduct
Data Generated/ To be generated
Reference Period
Level of Disaggregation
Expected Date of Release
Mode of Data Dissemination (web, publication, cd-rom, etc.)
I. Current/Regular Activities              
A. Data production/improvement              
1. Derived statistics              
1.1 Labor Productivity Statistics (LPS)            
1.1.1 National and Sectoral LPS Semestral Labor productivity statistics January and July every year By Industry February and August E-mail; web; hard copies  
1.1.2 Regional LPS Annual Labor productivity statistics July every year By Region August E-mail; web; hard copies  
1.1.3 Asian Countries Annual Asian Labor Productivity October every year Selected Asian Countries December NWPC website  
1.2 Wages Statistics            
1.2.1 Living Wage Estimates Once in 1994 Family Living Wage Monthly Regional Every 15th of the Month NWPC website  
1.2.2 Nominal and Real Wages Monthly Nominal/Real Wages Every 15th of the Month/ upon release of CPI Regional Monthly NWPC website  
1.3 Quality of Labor Statistics (Alternative Labor Productivity Methodology) Annual Alternative Labor Productivity Annual By Region and By Industry     The following data are still to be generated: Regional - 1998 to 2000 Industry - 1996 to 2000.
1.4 Wages and Labor Productivity in the APEC Region Annual Wages and Labor Productivity October every year APEC member countries November NWPC website  
9. Focal Person for Data Dissemination 10. Prepared by: 11. Approved by:
Name: Cynthia R. Cruz Signature: (Signed) Signature: (Signed)
Position/Unit: Director II, Wages and Productivity Department Name: Rovelinda A. Dela Rosa Name: Rebecca J. Calzado
Tel. No.: 527-5012 to 17 Position/Unit: Chief LEO, Productivity Research & Policy Dev't. Div. Position/Unit: Officer-in-Charge
Telefax No.: 527-5139 Tel. No.: 527-5012 to 17 Tel. No.: 527-5012 to 17
E-mail: Telefax No.: 527-5139 Telefax No.: 527-5522
Mobile: (0917) 501-3729 E-mail: E-mail:

For further inquiries, please contact
Ms. Leticia D. De Leon and/or Ms. Millicent Gay B. Tejada
of the NSCB at tel. no. (632) 890-9404 and telefax no. 895-2436 or
at e-mail addresses: or


Agency Statistical Calendar

*statistical calendar not available
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