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SC-PSCP Form 2                                                                              [View Form 1]

Series of 2003


1. Name of agency
2. Name of Head of Agency
3. Address of agency
Local Water Utilities Administration
Lorenzo H. Jamora
LWUA-MWSS Compound, Katipunana Road, Balara, Quezon City
Title of Data Production/ Improvement Activity (Pls. Refer to Col. 4, Form 1)
Frequency of Conduct
Data Generated/
To be generated
Reference Period
Level of Disaggregation
Expected Date of Release
Mode of Data Dissemination (web, publication, cd-rom, etc.)
I. Current/Regular Activities              
A. Data production/improvement              
1. Administrative-based statistics              
1.1 Updating of Water District Database Semestral 2003 Water
2002 By Region, By Province, By Municipality August 2003; March 2004 Upon request  
  1. Service connection    
    2. Non-revenue    
    3. Status of
(operational or
1.2 Preparation of Annual Water District Industry Average Annual 2002 Industry Average 2002 By Water District Category September 2003 Upon request  
  1. Profitability    
    - Net income/
    - Internal
cash ratio
    2. Cost control operating ratio        
    - Operating expense/cubic
meter bill
    3. Marketing
    - Operating
connection/ mo.
    4. Collection effort        
    - Average
collection period
    - Customer
account expense/ connection/month
    5. Financial
    - Total debt/total assets        
    6. Production efficiency        
    - Metered service connection        
    - Total production expense/cubic
meter produced
    7. Personnel management        
    - Average
number of
    - Active service connection/
1.3 Updating of Groundwater Databank Semestral 2003 Groundwater Databank 2002 By Region, By Province, By Water District August 2003; March 2004 Upon request  
  1. Well record    
    - Date constructed    
    - Location        
    - Owner        
    2. Technical information        
    - Strata        
    - Water quality        
    - Discharge measurement        
    - Water level        
9. Focal Person for Data Dissemination 10. Prepared by: 11. Approved by:
Name: Elvira G. De Leon Signature: (Signed) Signature: (Signed)
Position/Unit: Corplan Specialist, Mgt. Services Office, Corplan Division Name: Petronila G. Conti
Position/Unit: Division Manager, Corplan Division
Name: Manuel T. Yoingco
Position/Unit: Department Manager
Telefax No.: 928-3750 Telefax No.: 928-3750 Telefax No.: 928-3750

For further inquiries, please contact
Ms. Leticia D. De Leon and/or Ms. Millicent Gay B. Tejada
of the NSCB at tel. no. (632) 890-9404 and telefax no. 895-2436 or
at e-mail addresses: or


Agency Statistical Calendar

*statistical calendar not available
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