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Series of 2003

1. Name of agency 2. Name of Head of Agency 3. Address of agency
Bureau of Labor and Employment Statistics Ma. Criselda R. Sy 3/F DOLE Bldg., Gen. Luna St. Intramuros, Manila
(BLES) Director IV or
Title of Data Production/ Improvement Activity (Pls. Refer to Col. 4, Form 1) Frequency of Conduct Data Generated/
To be generated
Reference Period Level of Disaggre-gation Expected Date of Release Mode of Data Dissem-ination (web, publication, cd-rom, etc.) Remarks
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8)
I. Current/Regular Activities              
A. Data production/ improvement              
1. Surveys              
1.1 2003 BLES Integrated Survey of Establishments (Nationwide Survey) Annual - employment of specific groups of workers 2002/June 2003 depending on indicator Industry/ Employment Size July 31, 2003 Publication, Web  
    - structure of labor cost; annual labor cost per employee          
    - CBA provisions; training practices        
    - Occupational injuries; frequency/severity rate of occupational injuries        
1.2 Labor Turnover Survey Quarterly Labor Turnover Rate, Accession Rate, Separation Rate Q1 to Q4 Industry/ Employment Size 3 months after the reference quarter Publication, Web  
1.3 2002 General Survey on Labor Organizations (GSLO) Every 4 years Major Data Items: 2002 National 17-19 months after the reference period Publication, Web  
    1.  Profile of labor organizations          
    2.  Programs/ activities undertaken          
    3.  Grievance handling          
    4.  List of national officers          
    5. Opinions on current issues/ concerns          
1.4 2002 Occupational Wages Survey (OWS)1/, for NCR Every 2 years 1. Statistics on occupational wage rates in selected industries June 30, 2002 NCR July 30, 2003 Publication, Web  
    2. Median basic pay and allowance by industry          
2. Administrative-based statistics              
2.1 Regional Job Displacement Report Monthly 1. Establishments reporting shutdown/ retrenchment due to economic reasons Month By Region, By Industry, by Employment Size 1 month after the reference period Print  
    2. Number of workers affected          
3. Derived statistics              
3.1 Labor Productivity Statistics Annual Labor Productivity Statistics 1991-2002 By Region, By Industry Group October Publication  
B. Data Dissemination              
1. Labstat Updates 24 issues/year Short monographs, Statistics variable depending on topic     Variable Publication, Web  
2. Maintenance of Public Use Files (PUFs) for DOLE Use As needed Detailed statistics from LFS 1998-2003 Variable Variable Printed input  
II. Proposed/ Developmental Activities              
1. Development of Philippine Decent Work Index 2003 1. Core set of indicators          
    2. Index on decent work          
2. Data Archiving Continuing Archived statistics/statistical materials/documents          
9. Prepared by:   10. Approved by:     11. Date prepared    
Signature:   Signature:          
Name:   Name:          
Position:   Position:          
Unit:   Unit:          
Tel. & Fax No. and email:   Tel. & Fax No. and email:          
9. Focal Person for Data Dissemination 10. Prepared by: 11. Approved by:
Name: Flora O. Ventura Name: Editha B. Rivera Name: Ma. Criselda R. Sy
Position/Unit: LEO II, Tech. Services Div. Position/Unit: Chief LEO, Technical Services Division Position: Director
Tel: 527-35-77; Telefax: 527-55-06 Tel. & Fax No: 527-3577; 527-3579 Tel. No.: 527-5506
E-mail: E-mail:  

For further inquiries, please contact
Ms. Leticia D. De Leon and/or Ms. Millicent Gay B. Tejada
of the NSCB at tel. no. (632) 890-9404 and telefax no. 895-2436 or
at e-mail addresses: or


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