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24th National Statistics Month
to highlight “Statistics that Matter to Every Filipino”

(PR-201306-NS1-10, Posted 01 July 2013)

This October 2013, the nation will once again celebrate the National Statistics Month (NSM). Now on its 24th year, the annual celebration will carry the theme “Statistics that Matter to Every Filipino,” / "Estadistika na may Halaga Sa Bawat Filipino” to highlight the importance of data and statistical information in the day-to-day activities of every Filipino. 

This year’s opening ceremonies will be held simultaneously with the opening of the 12th National Convention on Statistics (NCS) on October 1, 2013 at the EDSA Shangri-la Hotel in Mandaluyong City.

Relevance in these changing times

Since its inception in 1989, the annual celebration of the NSM has been spearheaded by the NSCB.  This year's theme embodies the commitment not only of the NSCB but also of the Philippine Statistical System (PSS) to be continuously relevant in these changing times.

Undeniably, we now live in an information age where statistical data are increasingly expected to form the basis for decisions not only by governments and businesses but more importantly by individuals in their daily lives. Advancement in information technology has changed the political, social and economic landscapes to a point where data and statistics can no longer be for the state’s bookkeeping. As a consequence, a new generation of data-driven Filipinos has flourished and their demand for statistical information is evermore increasing.

Hence, the PSS continues to evolve as an organization to adapt to these changes and to maintain its relevance. However, the PSS believes that relevance is determined by their stakeholders and data users which include decision makers and experts in government and private sectors, as well as the general public.

Through the adoption of this year’s theme, the PSS, particularly the NSCB, remains steadfast in its mandate to engage and reach out to the Filipino people by constantly communicating statistical information in mediums that are free from technical gobbledygook and esotericisms.  Despite increasing demand for statistical information in recent years from the general public, a large swathe of the population remains unappreciative, nay unaware, of the importance and practical uses of statistical information in their daily lives. Thus, communicating statistical information remains to be one of the most important and challenging tasks for the PSS.

Furthermore, the theme is also a pithy reminder to the PSS that statistics will be for naught if they do not influence decisions, evoke actions, and effect progress.

NSM through the years

It may be worth-noting that this year’s theme relates to the objectives for which the NSM was conceived two and half decades ago. The NSM was first celebrated in 1989 to promote, enhance and instill nationwide awareness and appreciation of statistics. Since then, the NSM has evolved to become one of the most important national events.

At the regional level, the Regional Statistical Coordination Committees and the NSCB Regional Divisions have been instrumental in increasing participation from regional line agencies, provincial state universities and colleges, local government units and private organizations.

For this year, the NSM will be of particular importance as it features the 12th NCS, which also carries the same theme, and the 5th NSM Media Awards. 

Support these activities

Preparations for these activities are now underway. The PSS, through the NSCB, enjoins all national government agencies, local government units, academic institutions, private organizations, and the general public to support and participate in said events.

For this reason, the NSCB issued Memo Circular No. 1 enjoining all agencies of the government, LGUs, academic institutions and the private sector at the national and subnational levels to actively participate in and support the celebration of the 24th NSM. There are various ways to support these events such as organizing symposia, workshops, seminars, exhibits, and publications of statistical reports, among others. Organizations may also display NSM streamers at their building façade following a prescribed design, which can be downloaded at the 24th NSM website (

For more information, please contact Mr. Precious Jose E. Baroy or Ms. Eunice N. Tambasen at telephone numbered (632) 890-8456. You may also email / or visit the 24th NSM website at .


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Mr. Precious Jose E. Baroy
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