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Philippine POverty Portal



The Philippine Poverty Statistics Portal aims to serve as a one-stop web portal on information and statistics on poverty to communicate official poverty statistics and other related poverty indicators to a wider audience.

Latest Poverty Statistics: Philippines

Indicator 2006 2009
Poverty Threshold and Poverty Incidence
Annual Per Capita Poverty Threshold (in Pesos) 13,348 16,841
Poverty Incidence of Families (%) 21.1 20.9
Poverty Incidence of Population (%) 26.4 26.5
Food Threshold and Subsistence Incidence
Annual Per Capita Food Threshold (in Pesos) 9,257 11,686
Subsistence Incidence of Families (%) 8.7 7.9
Subsistence Incidence of Population (%) 11.7 10.8

Source: National Statistical Coordination Board




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