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Philippine Poverty Statistics 

2009 Philippine Poverty Statistics
(Posted 08 February 2011)


Press Release


Thematic Maps

Related Files

Technical Notes on the Refinements
of the Official Povety Estimation Methodology








Poverty Statistics

 Main Page

 Estimates of Local Poverty: Download Document and Maps

 2003-2004 Thresholds
  • Poverty Thresholds
  • Food Thresholds

  • Notes

 2000-2002 Highlights
  • Poverty Thresholds
  • Food Thresholds

 1997 & 2000 Highlights
  • Poverty Thresholds
  • Poverty Incidence
  • Food Thresholds
  • Subsistence Incidence

  • Income Gap
  • Poverty Gap
  • Severity of Poverty
  • Gini Coefficient

  • Provincial Poverty Statistics

Poorest 44 Provinces in Year 2000

Poverty Mapping

Notes on the Official Poverty Statistics in the Philippines

Technical Committee

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