Regional 14th NSM Calendar of Activities

Region IV-A - Calabarzon

Date Activity Type Venue/Time Sponsoring Agency Remarks
1-30 Dissemination of memorandum directing  all Police Provincial Offices and City/Municipal Police Stations to display streamers at conspicuous places within CALABARZON provinces IEC PNP IV-A Office PNP IV-A  
Wk 1 Provision of route and security assistance in the conduct of motorcade or other statistics offices in CALABARZON Program Along major routes PNP IV-A  
1-24 Distribution of the publication, Special Release IEC NSO Quezon office NSO Quezon  
1-31 Hanging of streamer IEC In front of office building BAS ROC IV-A, CHD 4A, CHED RO IV-A, DENR IV-A, INSTAT, UPLB,  NEDA IV-A, NSO Batangas, NSO Laguna, NSO Quezon, OPPDC and Batangas Provincial Tourism Office, Pepsi/Coca-Cola, Philippine Public Safety College, PNP IV-A, Laguna PPDO & OPPDC Quezon
1-31 Dissemination of Health Profiles (Regional and Provincial) IEC CHD 4A CHD 4A  
1-31 Press releases IEC Laguna Province Information Officers & local media  
1-31 Sharing during NRO IV-A flag ceremony of statistical trivia IEC NEDA IV-A NEDA IV-A  
1-31 Putting up of posters at the 4 District Offices of NSO Batangas with the 14th NSM theme IEC NSO DOs-San Pascual, Lemery, Lipa City & Tanauan City NSO Batangas  
1-31 Updating of tourism statistics IEC OPPDC/PTO Batangas PTO Batangas  
1-31 Health Statistical Board Exhibit CHD 4A CHD 4A  
1-31 Statistical exhibit of the region's profile Exhibit DENR IV-A Building PMD, DENR      IV-A and all sectors  
1-31 Photo exhibit Exhibit DPWH IV-A, EDSA, Quezon City DPWH IV-A  
1-31 Statistics exhibit Exhibit INSTAT, UPLB INSTAT, UPLB  
1-31 Exhibit of statistical publications, releases and data Exhibit NSO Batangas PO, Batangas City NSO Batangas  
1-31 Statistical publication promotion Exhibit SPC One-Stop Shop NSO Laguna, SPC  Government  
1-31 Photo exhibit on tourism destinations Exhibit PTO Batangas PTO Batangas  
1-31 Symposia/lecture/quiz/other form of contests in statistics Forum All HEIs in Region IV-A CHED RO IV-A 100% participationi of HEIs is expected.
1-31 Preparations for the consultative meeting on the Field Health Service Information System Forum CHD 4A CHD 4A  
1-31 Revival of the Task Force on Tourism Statistics Forum NSCB RD IV RSCC  
1-31 Radio and TV interview Radio/TV broadcast San Pablo, Calamba, Los Baņos/Laguna PIA Laguna  
2 Posting of updated agricultural statistics for 2002 and 2003 IEC BAS ROC IV-A office BAS IV-A  
6 Lecture on statistics, its uses and importance Forum CHED IV-A Office CHED RO IV-A  
6-10 CALABARZON Personnel Quiz Bee Contest Contest DENR CO PMD, DENR      IV-A and ROs  
6-10 Launching of the official website of DENR-CALABARZON IEC DENR IV-A Building DENR IV-A  
10 Pop Quiz Contest Kalilayan Hall, Lucena City Integrated Provincial Health Office To be participated in by student from different municipalities.
13-17 Open house Exhibit NSO Quezon office NSO Quezon  
Wk 2 Symposium/seminar on statistics Forum Batangas State University NSO Batangas, Philippine Tourism Office, Batangas & PPDO Batangas  
20 Conduct of symposium, "Mahalaga ba ang Estadistika sa Pagsulong ng Industriya ng Turismo" Forum PTO Batangas PTO Batangas  
20-24 & 27-28 Symposium on "Population Education" Forum Calauag, Guinayangan, Tagkawayan, Buenivista, San Antonio, Dolores, Tayabas, Lucban/  Quezon Integrated Provincial Health Office To be conducted in different schools of identified municipalities.
Wk 3 Philippine Statistics Quiz Provincial Elimination (Batangas) Contest Batangas State University NSO Batangas  
23 Data presentation IEC NSO Quezon office NSO Quezon  
24 Philippine Statistics Quiz Provincial Elimination (Quezon) Contest TBA NSO Quezon  
Wk 4 Participation in the Regional Quizbee as judge Contest BAS IV-A BAS IV-A  
TBA Philippine Statistics Quiz Provincial Elimination (Laguna) Contest Cabuyao Audio Visual Room NSO Laguna & Cabuyao Municipal Government  
TBA Conduct of Training on Statistical Manpower Development Program for the CALABARZON LGUs Forum TBA NEDA IV-A In coordination with the SRTC.
TBA Conduct of RSCC meeting-cum-Orientation on Basic Economic Principles Forum TBA RSCC