Regional 14th NSM Calendar of Activities

Region II - Cagayan Valley

Date Activity Type Venue/Time Sponsoring Agency Remarks
September 29-        October 3 Statistical Human Resource Development Program for the Regions (3rd Batch Training on Statistics) Training NEDA RO 2 NEDA RO 2 & SRTC Registration fee of P4,500/pax will be charged to fund the activity.
1 Motorcade around the city Program Around Tuguegarao City NSO RO and Cagayan PO  
1 Open House of Statistical Library Exhibit NSO RO NSO RO  
1-7 Conduct of Training on Statistical Concepts Training Regional Office/Provincial Operations Center BAS  
1-30 Display of Statistical Data or Bulletin, Special Releases, Vital Statistics,e tc. Exhibit NSO Library NSO Isabela  
1-30 Distribution of Region 02 Statistical Borchure IEC NEDA/RDC NEDA  
1-30 Distribution of Primers on Civil Registration, CRS-ITP, etc. IEC LGUs/Schools NSO Isabela  
1-30 Press Release & Publication of LFS, CPI & Building Permits IEC NSO NSO Isabela  
1-30 Production/Distribution of World Statistics on Population IEC RPO RPO 02  
1-31 Hanging of streamer IEC In front of office building BAS, BFAR RO 2, DA, DBM, DENR, DepEd II, DOH-CHD-CV, DOLE RO 02, DOT, DSWD FO 2, DTI,  EMB, LGU-Cagayan and PPDO, MGB, NSO RO & PO,  Philippine Public Safety College, RTWPB &   UNFPA
1-31 Reproduction/Distribution of DepEd RO2 Statistical Profile IEC DepEd RO2, Carig, Tuguegarao City DepEd  
1-31 Reproduction and Dissemination of Issuances and Directives IEC DILG Provincial/ Municipal Offices DILG  
1-31 Distribution of fact sheets and other info materials to all municipalities IEC All municipalities and cities LGU Cagayan and PPDO  
1-31 Reproduction and Distribution of Compendium IEC NEDA/RDC NEDA  
1-31 Hanging of streamer IEC In front of office building NSO Isabela  
1-31 Display of Posters on RA 9049, NSO Helpline Plus and Serbilis Center IEC NSO RO/office hours NSO RO 2  
1-31 Information Dissemination on Civil Registrants (RA 9048) IEC NSO RO and PO NSO RO2 and Cagayan  
1-31 Distribution of Primer on Civil Registration IEC NSO RO and PO NSO RO 2 and Cagayan  
1-31 Distribution of Pamphlets/Brochures to Clients/Data Users IEC NSO RO and PO NSO RO 2 and Cagayan  
1-31 Development and Distribution of POPBITS/Press Releases IEC RPO 02 RPO 02  
1-31 Open House/Display of Statistical Tables/Materials Exhibit Regional Operations Center BAS  
1-31 Exhibit of DOH Programs Exhibit CHD-CV Lobby DOH-CHD-CV  
1-31 Production and Display of Tourism Statistics Exhibit DOT RO DOT 5-year Comparative Tourist Arrival Statistics
1-31 Display of NSO Products Exhibit NSO RO Library/office hours NSO RO 2  
1-31 Open House Exhibit DOT Office/ 8:00a.m.-5:00p.m. PIA/DOT The activity will be advertised through radio and cable TV.
1-31 Coordination and Monitorin go NSM activities conducted by LGUs Program   DILG RO 2 Pursuant to DILG CO directive.
1-31 Hosting of RSCC Business Meeting Program Kamaranan Hall LGU Cagayan and PPDO Hosting of RSCC meetings rotates among the member-agencies.
3 Training of Contractual Data Collectors for Rice and Corn Production Survey Training Regional Office/ Provincial Operations Center BAS  
3,10,17,24 & 31 (every Griday) Radio Broadcast Radio Broadcast NSO Batanes NEDA Batanes  
6 Opening Program Program DENR Regional Office DENR RO 2, EMB & MGB Director Blesilda Diwa of DOT will be invited to grace the occasion.
6 Monday Staff Forum on NSM IEC NEDA CH NEDA Film showing with corresponding statistical information  on tourism.
6 In-house training for BLGF regional staff on "Policy Updates on Statistics" Training BLGF RO Conference Hall BLGF NSO Regional Administrator Mr. Lauro T. Marquez will be invited as lecturer.
6,13,20 & 27 Orientation on DOH program thrusts Lecture CHD-CV Conference Hall DOH-CHD-CV On reproductive health, Dengue, Malaria, SARS, etc.
10 Lecture on Labor Force Survey Lecture NSO Tuguegarao City NSO RO 2  
13 MGB Statistical Quiz Bee Contest DENR-MGB DENR, MGB, EMB  
13 Statistical Quiz (Field Offices) Contest PENROs/   CENROs  FOs PENROs/   CENROs Among CENROs and the PENROs sectors, EMB, MGB, Administrative & Support Staff
15 Sectoral Quiz Bee Contest DENR-RO DENR RO 2 PMB  
15 LFS Data Dissemination IEC NSO NSO Isabela  
20 Regional Statistical Quiz Bee Contest DENR-RO DENR RO 2  
20 Exhibits, by Province and by Regional Office Exhibit By Province, By Regional Office PENRO & DENR PMD  
21-27 Hanging of streamer in observance of Population Awareness Week IEC RPO 02 UNFPA  
Wk 3 Exhibit on Fisheries Profile and Statistics Exhibit BFAR RO2 BFAR RO2  
22 Provincial Statistics Quiz Contest NSO NSO Isabela  
24 Conduct of Statistics Quiz among Students Contest CSU Carig Campus OSS/CAS  
26 Tipon Tipan sa PIA IEC PIA Office/ 9:00a.m. DOT/PIA  
27 Conduct of Statistics Quiz Among Students Contest CSU Lasam & CSU Sanchez Campus OSS/CAS  
27 Culmination Program and awarding of Quiz Bee winners Program DENR-RO DENR-RO 2  
27 Kapihan sa Radyo ng Bayan Radio broadcast Radyo ng Bayan, Tuguegarao/ 9:00a.m. DWPE/DOT  
28 Conduct of Statistics Quiz Among Students Contest CSU Aparri & CSU Piat Campus OSS/CAS  
29 Conduct of Statistics Quiz Among Students Contest CSU Lallo Campus OSS/CAS  
30 Conduct of Statistics Quiz Among Students Contest CSU Gonzaga Campus OSS/CAS  
30 LFS Special Release:  Isabela IEC NSO NSO Isabela  
31 Conduct of Statistics Quiz Among Students Contest CSU Carig Campus OSS/CAS  
TBA Conduct of Provincial, Regional and National POPQUIZ Contest Regionwide UNFPA/RPO O2 and LGUs  
TBA Conduct of RPO-C/PPO Meeting Program Cagayan RPO 02 and LGUs For assessment and planning activities.
Region II - Cagayan Valley
1-31 Hanging of streamers IEC * Infront of Capitol Compound
* Infront of NSO
Provincial Gov't of Quirino NSO  
1-31 Exhibit of books, brochures, handouts, etc. Exhibit NSO-Prov'l Office Library NSO  
27 PSQ-Provincial Elimination Statistical quiz NSO/1:00-5:00pm NSO/PGU/LGU/and others