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Standards and Classification Systems 

Philippine Standard Commodity Classification (PSCC)

General Principles in Commodity Groups

Commodities are grouped as far as practicable according to the generally accepted principles as follows:

Objectives and basic considerations in preparing the PSCC, Revision 2

The NSCB Technical Working Group on Commodity Classification was guided with the objective of producing an updated and/or more relevant commodity classification with the following basic considerations:

Description of the PSCC, Revision 2

As in the original and revised PSCC, the present classification is presented in six levels of details:

section, division, group, subgroup, item and sub-item.

Each commodity or commodity group is identified by a unique code number. For convenience in obtaining aggregates at each level by automatic data processing equipment, the code number of each commodity is so designed that the first digit identifies the section, the first two digits, the division; the first three digits, the group; the first four digits, subgroup; the first five digits, the item; and the seven digits, sub-item or specific commodity.


034.28-06 - Milkfish (bangus), frozen (excluding livers and roes)

Section - 0 - Food and live animals

Division - 03 - Fish (not marine animals), crustaceans, mollusks and aquatic invertebrates, and preparations thereof

Group - 034 - Fish, fresh (live or dead), chilled or frozen

Subgroup - 034.2 - Fish, frozen (excluding fillets and minced fish)

Item - 034,28 - Other fish, frozen (excluding livers and roes)

Sub-item - 034.28-06 - Milkfish (bangus), frozen (excluding livers and roes)

Features of the PSCC, Revision 2

The present edition of the PSCC contains:

The format of the PSCC, Revision 2 presents the following information:


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