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Philippine Standard Geographic Code (PSGC)

Municipality/City: LANGUYAN

Region ARMM - Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao Code 150000000
Province TAWI-TAWI Code 157000000


Code 157009000
Income Classification: 1st Class Registered Voters (2010): 11,836
Population : (as of May 1, 2010): 42,690
District: lone  
Barangays (Number: 20)
Name Code Urban/Rural Population
(as of May 1, 2010)
Bakong 157009001 Rural 2,104
Bas-bas Proper 157009002 Rural 1,438
Basnunuk 157009003 Rural 2,239
Darussalam 157009004 Rural 5,189
Languyan Proper (Pob.) 157009005 Urban 4,476
Maraning 157009006 Rural 1,962
Simalak 157009009 Rural 1,861
Tuhog-tuhog 157009010 Rural 2,177
Tumahubong 157009011 Rural 1,449
Tumbagaan 157009012 Rural 2,174
Parang Pantay 157009013 Rural 2,697
Adnin 157009014 Rural 1,515
Bakaw-bakaw 157009015 Rural 1,509
BasLikud 157009016 Urban 2,000
Jakarta (Lookan Latuan) 157009017 Rural 1,837
Kalupag 157009018 Rural 1,522
Kiniktal 157009019 Rural 1,963
Marang-marang 157009020 Rural 1,867
Sikullis 157009021 Rural 1,291
Tubig Dakula 157009022 Rural 1,420



1. Figures on registered voters are partial data from Commission on Elections (COMELEC) which may still be subject to corrections/adjustments from their field offices

2. Figures on registered voters exclude data on absentee voters.

3. Figures on registered voters are as of January 2010.

4. PSGC Information are as of 31 December 2015.

5. Income Classification based on Department of Finance Department Order No.23-08 Effective July 29, 2008.

6. Urban/rural classification based on 2000 CPH, Report No. 4 Urban Population, National Statistics Office, June 2006.

7.Legislative District Source: Records and Statistics Division, Commission on Elections (COMELEC): As of May 2013.

8. Population (as of May 1, 2010): a) Total Population Count by Region, Province, City/Municipality and Barangay as of May 1, 2010 ; b) Population of Highly Urbanized Cities (HUCs) are excluded in the total population of their respective provinces but are included in the regional total; and c) Population of barangays with boundary disputes are excluded in total population of their respective municipalities and cities but are included in the provincial and regional total. Source: 2010 Census of Population: National Statistics Office (NSO).

9. Source: Philippine Statistics Authority



Philippine Standard Geographic Codes
as of 31 December 2015

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