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Overview of the Region
Province of Albay
Where To Go And What To See

MAYON VOLCANO     Dominating the entire province of Albay, it is one of the most active volcanoes in the Philippines and dubbed as the "world's nearly perfect cone". It stands majestically at 8,189 feet above sea level from a board base about 10 km. in radius. The crater, with a diameter of 1/2 km. has a notched rim from which can be seen a pool of bubbling hot lava in the center and rich coal deposits on the sides. Through this crater whiffs off sulfuric steams and gases which are constantly emitted. From the top, one can get a good full view of the Albay Gulf and other outlying towns that lie in the periphery of its base. Mayon derived its name from the Bicol word "Magayon" meaning beautiful which has been regarded as the symbol of Albay.

HOYOP-HOYOPAN CAVE     Located in Cotmon, Camalig, Albay (11.8 Hoyop-Hoyopan Cavekm from the town proper), the crystal caves are its central attraction. Visitors often experience: "eternal whispering breeze" from whence its name was derived.

CALABIDONGAN CAVE     Very accessible from Hoyop-Hoyopan Cave, a good site for picnickers and serious spelunkers. The 4-hour exploration astounds visitors, coming out completely wet.

MINAROSO CAVES     Located in the island of Batan, an adjacent island of Rapu-Rapu, the natural cavern, facing the Pacific Ocean is a haven of seabirds and swallows.

MAYON VISTA LODGE     Formerly called Mayon Resthouse, perching on the eastern slopes facing Tabaco at 2500 ft., its cool and refreshing temperature makes the place an excellent summer resort. Commands a panoramic and breathtaking view of the entire province.

BUSAY FALLS     Located in Malilipot, Albay, its seven-tiered cascading falls are formed on natural pools in every base.

SOGOD BEACH     Found in Bacacay, it is the most popular beach. Known for its enclaves of sandy and clean beaches with towering coconut palms providing cool shades and an array of cottages made of indigenous materials.

TIWI HOTSPRING AND RESORTS     The two neighboring resorts offer boiling sulfuric water coming from under the earth. A good place to enjoy bathing. The luxury of swimming pools, pavilion, cottages, picnic groves and playground are available.

CAGSAWA CHURCH RUINS     Built after 1724 by Fray Francisco Blanco, Cagsawa Church RuinsOFM, it was buried in lava during the worst Mayon Volcano eruption on February 1, 1814. Located in Daraga, Albay, only the belfry remains prominent, a mute testimony of Mayon's fiery temper.

JOSE MARIA PEÑARANDA MONUMENT     Originally constructed in 1854, it's a tribute to the late Albay Governor Jose Ma. Peñaranda who served from 1834-1840. Found in Albay Freedom Park (formerly Peñaranda Park) in Legazpi City.

Legazpi Heroes Memorial TrylonLEGAZPI HEROES MEMORIAL TRYLON     A 16-meter high trylon constructed in 1965 on the spot where the Puente de San Rafael took place on January 23, 1900, between hundreds of Bicolanos and Legazpinos against the superior American forces.

LIBERTY BELL     A symbol of the people's liberation from the Japanese oppression. Constructed by the Americans in 1945, it is found at the Peñaranda Park (now Albay Freedom Park). An ancient bell hangs inside its domeshaped form structure.

HEADLESS MONUMENT     Located in front of Legazpi Post Office, this is dedicated to the unknown and unsung heroes who died and shed their blood during the Japanese occupation of the city. It was donated by the late Don Buenaventura de Erquiaga, a Spanish philanthropist.

CAGSAWA NATIONAL MUSEUM     Located at Busay, Daraga, Albay, close to Cagsawa Ruins Park, the cultural development of the region are exhibited distinctly. It presents artifacts and relics of the early Bicolanos.

DARAGA CHURCH     Built in 1773 on top of a hill by Daraga ChurchFranciscan missionaries, the rich baroque architecture and artistic religious seal carvings on its volcanic rock facade make the church a priceless relic.

CAMALIG CHURCH     Another missionary church built out of volcanic rocks. The early Spanish influences are still clearly marked on the structures.


Semana Santa April (Entire Province)
Conquest of Mt. Mayon April and May (Legazpi City)
Tourism Month Whole month of May (Legazpi City)
Magayon Festival Whole month of May (Legazpi City)
Great Sibidan Festival June 23 (Tabaco City)
Pilgrimage to Joroan 3rd Saturday, August (Tiwi, Albay)
Ibalong Festival October (Legazpi City)
Bikol Pastores December (Legazpi City)

Source of data : Department of Tourism


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